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Pendragon Workforce Solutions

In this wild world of business, where they say change is the only constant, the importance of a skilled and engaged workforce is still the name of the game.
This is why our ambition is to “Empower tomorrow's success by swiftly connecting customers with exceptional people, helping industries that truly need greater access to talent.”

Our Specialisation

Contingent Management

Streamline sourcing channels, onboarding, and oversight of external contractors, ensuring compliance, quality, and operational efficiency

Immigration Services

Migration services in Australia & New Zealand cater to both individuals and businesses, offering assistance with visas, and sponsorship via SBS or on-hire labour agreement.

MSP Solutions

A workforce management experience where sourcing, engaging, onboarding, and overall management of your contingent workforce becomes effortless.

Workforce BPO Services

Our BPO Services assist organisations in streamlining HR, payroll and invoicing procedures related to the management of workers.

Payroll Financing Options

Our Payroll Financing options offer longer invoice payment terms without worrying about cash flow constraints, and your workforce still receives timely compensation.

Vendor Management Outsourcing

Consolidate vendor management through a single managed provider, we offer you control and transparency over your contract workforce sourcing channels.

What you can expect from us

At Pendragon, we are relentless about delivering top-notch service.

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Extensive experience

Customers rely on us for our deep local talent insights, industry expertise, and invaluable compliance support.

Focus on Delivery

Balance between technology and human expertise, because the art of engaging workers isn't always a one-size-fits-all.

Transparency and Trust

Transparent pricing structure to maintain trust and lasting relationships.

Customer Experience

Beyond simple transactions, we prioritise improvements based on your needs.
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Our Customers Say

You guys have been amazing, I don’t think I’d still be in the country if it wasn’t for all your hard work over the years, and the parties have been pretty good too. Your gifts and support have been really appreciated. I’m sorry I have to leave, I have been with Pendragon since August 2001; I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Dominic BondManager (Macquarie Bank)

“Once again I’d like to thank everyone at Pendragon for taking such good care of me. If I ever need to recommend a management company to another contractor, Pendragon will be at the top of my list (actually, they’ll be the only one on my list).”

Marty ChannonFreelance IT

“Pendragon offers a comprehensive Visa, sponsorship and payroll Service which has helped me work in Australia and maximise my income, the service is professional, informative, helpful and efficient, whilst at all times friendly.”

Thomas PearsonProvide

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