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10 Tips for Internationals Looking to Work in Australia

By 4 January 2023No Comments

1)    Get your skills assessed so you can see if you qualify for an Australia work visa. The APP ‘My Migration Australia’ will tell you whether you qualify within minutes. Download it at or look at the government website or contact a qualified migration agent.

2)    Look for work within the skill set that you can get your visa in – if coming in on a TSS 482 (this visa superseded the 457 visa as of March 2018) visa you will have to work within the skill set that you can be sponsored in, which is not necessarily the position you may be working in now.

3)    Find work! Most people go about this in three different ways:
A) Directly – find yourself a job and then go to an on hire contractor management company to become your surrogate sponsor for a working visa in Australia.

B) You can acquire a job through Recruitment agencies, and if the recruitment agency has an on hire agreement they may be able to sponsor you, if they don’t you may be able to organize sponsorship through a contractor management company.

C) You may find the company will sponsor you directly if they have a TSS 482 sponsorship in place. 

4)    You can apply for contract role as long as you can find a surrogate sponsor and abide by the minimum salary earnings rules.

5)    Don’t give up your existing job until you have sourced a role, put in the paperwork for the Australia visa and have been approved to come and work in Australia. You are then given time to get yourself into the country after being granted the visa to come.

6)    You can move from one company to another on a TSS 482 visa, you are not legally tied to the sponsor, however, you must get the new company you are going to work for to become your Australia visa sponsor.

7)    If you are sponsored by a contractor management company this will give you more freedom to swap jobs as long as you still work within the skills set scope of your Australia work visa.

8)    You can bring your family members on a TSS 482 visa and those that are eligible can work.

9)    There are almost 1000 skills listed on the TSS 482 visa list that can be sponsored under; it’s recommended that you talk to a qualified Australia migration agent to assist you here with what occupation you can be sponsored for.

10)    Make sure you get the right advice up front. Remember you don’t get anywhere without putting some effort in!

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, book an appointment or reach us at [email protected] or 02 9407 8700 where one of our Australian team members will gladly help you. Or visit 482/TSS Visa Surrogate Sponsor – Pendragon Management to learn more about the services we offer.

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