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5 Red Flags to help identify undesirable clients

By 22 December 2021No Comments

Building a good relationship with clients is crucial to make sure you will be making the most of the benefits of being your own boss, which include working flexible hours and creating your own schedule. Therefore, knowing when a client is not a good fit for your business is important to keep the equilibrium, save you not only time, but also avoid a lot of stress.

These are some red flags to help you identify when a client might not a be a great fit for your business. Check out five of them:

  1. Asking for free concepts

If you have an extensive portfolio of your work, there is no reason for requesting a free sample to see your idea’s. Insisting on a free sample in this case could be a red flag that they may be looking to take your work make a few minor changes and use it without your consent or payment.

  • Comparing your quote or work to other suppliers

Clients justifying requests that may be out of scope with reasoning such as “we hired someone before who did it for a lower price”, this may be the case but how was the quality of the work and did it meet their needs. They may be neglecting to mention that other supplier was cheaper, but the work was substandard.

  • Asking for endless changes

Changes are expected when you are working on a project but if the client is changing his/her mind constantly because they don’t know what they want and keep requesting unlimited revisions, this is a huge red flag. Clear communication at the start of a project about the number of revisions you allow your clients to make and determining an extra fee beyond that limit can be a solution and will limit the changes when the client is paying for them.

  • Disrespecting invoice due dates

Good clients will always respect the due date in your invoice and pay you accordingly. However, some clients will treat this date as a suggestion and ignore it. A solution for those clients is to structure part payments as the project progresses, this way you’re not completing the whole project and then waiting to get paid.

  • Micromanagement

How you manage your time is up to you when you work for yourself especially if you deliver your work on time and on budget. Clients insisting you work to their processes at a detriment to your own is grounds to consider if this client is right for you.

If you want to be your own boss but maybe the above seems a bit too much to worry about, why not chat to our team at Pendragon and we can show you how we can manage all your invoicing, administration and compliance and even help you manage multiple contracts efficiently so that you can focus on just working for yourself.

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