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5 Time Consuming Tasks Small Business Owners Should Consider Outsourcing

By 22 August 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs reject outsourcing due to the extra cost.

However, they fail to calculate the value of the opportunities lost because they sank too much time into energy-sapping tasks that are best left to others. Simply put, they save money but they do not make money, in fact, in some cases, it can cost them more.

As an example, I could put together my own website if I chose to do so. However, I would spend twice as long as an extremely proficient designer and it would only look half as good.
If I did it myself, I might save a few dollars in outsourcing fees, but it would cost me more than 5 hours of my work week, that is several hours that I could spend figuring out how to raise 10, 20 or even 100 times that amount in revenue. What are my billable hours’ worth??

So in the spirit of creating more time in your day to grow your business, here are five key outsourcing opportunities for small businesspeople to consider:

1. Accounting
This may seem obvious, but it is too critical to leave off this list. Not only is accounting time consuming, it is also more and more of a specialty trade. Bookkeepers and Accountants know the rules and can keep you out of trouble. They are highly efficient because they do this day in, day out. Do you really want to spend hours a week ensuring you are compliant with the ATO, ensure you are lodging your BAS correctly and on time? Wouldn’t outsourcing your Back Office and focusing on growing your business be more productive…
Rule number one: Find a good bookkeeper for day-to-day accounting, a great payroll company to handle pay checks and withholdings and an even better CPA for efficient tax accounting.

2. Banking – Cash flow
Separate from the accounting function is your relationship with an actual human being at your local bank. Most banks today have small-business specialists who can help you with cash flow, loans, grants, lines of credit and more. You need money to run a business. Your small business banker or a company specialising in cash flow options would be a wise move to engage with.

3. Artwork
This includes website art, logos, letterhead, etc. Everyone thinks they can do their own design work, and they can, but very few can do it well. You can find incredibly talented designers who can handle all of your artwork needs for a very small amount. I had an entire PowerPoint created for a major presentation. It cost me $35/hour and it was stellar.

4. Social media
I am all for reaching out on Facebook and Twitter, but doing so takes time. Trust me, there is a college kid in a marketing class out there that would love some part-time work strategically posting, responding to posts and articles, finding connected people to link to, etc. Don’t let your inner control freak get in the way — outsource this crucial element.

5. Editing
If your business requires a great deal of written material, find someone who specializes in word crafting and copywriting. Spend your time coming up with great content. Leave it to someone else to read over your documents and ensure accuracy. A second set of skilled eyes will catch and improve things that you will miss. Why waste your valuable time proof reading if this is not your expertise.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest, it will save you time and money!

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