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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile

By 6 March 2023No Comments

1. Make your headline work harder
The headline next to your name on your profile as a default is your latest position’s job title. But you can make it much more than that – make it a statement that explains your core expertise, the benefits you deliver, and also the areas you work in. Remember it’s important in terms of search visibility.

2. Get the best photograph
Get a professional, head shot taken, make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothes, and just smile. Pay a professional, it’s a worthwhile investment.

3. Include a summary
Adding a summary to your profile allows you to sum up your experience and share information quickly and efficiently. Everyone is busy, so this might be the only part of your profile they read. Make it count.

4. Make it easy to contact you
Share contact details on your profile in plain text, so that people can contact you even if they are not connected to you. The summary is an ideal place. Make it easy for people to get in touch. Check your settings to make sure your profile is publicly visible so it can be found in search engines outside of LinkedIn.

5. Select the most appropriate skills
You can showcase up to 50 skills, and have connections endorse your for those skills. Make sure you choose the most appropriate, and edit the list to group similar skills together. It’s often more effective to showcase fewer core skills.

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