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Very professional

“Pendragon offers a comprehensive Visa, sponsorship and payroll Service which has helped me work in Australia and maximise my income, the service is professional, informative, helpful and efficient, whilst at all times friendly.”

Thomas Pearson, (Provide)

Professional team and support of my journey to live and work in Australia

I am very grateful for the support that the Pendragon team has given me over the years. It has been a phenomenal journey and your team has certainly played a big role on my successful transition to Australia. Your level of professionalism has been simply remarkable and I would surely recommend your services to others. I wish you guys the best of luck and success.

Waydy Mitchell

Getting Permanent Residency would not have been possible without Pendragon

“Thank you soooooooooo much Kelli. You gave me the best Christmas present ever. I’m still in a shock, that it came through today. After all this time. Thank you. And thank you so much Angie and the Pendragon team for helping me through all these years with 457 visa sponsorship. It’s been a crazy last few years. I would not have been here if it wasn’t for Pendragon. What you guys do is simply amazinggggg! Thank you so much for that. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.”



Your Back Office Service – Pendragon instantly became an integral part of our business

Pendragon always took the initiative in advising us on things that we might have overlooked and advised on compliance and requirements for setting up a Company in Australia. We would like to specifically thank Angie for her dedication, accurateness and professionalism at all times whilst dealing with our international team and external parties. Pendragon instantly became an integral part of our business from setting everything up to representing our Australian operation on a daily basis. Our Back Office records were always kept up to date and accurate which assisted us to have a clear understanding of how our operation in Australia was performing. I would recommend Pendragon’s Back Office service to anyone looking for more than just a bookkeeper and someone to take ownership and accurately represent your business with the day to day back-office tasks.

Services provided were not limited to:

– Invoicing, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Payables, Foreign Currency, Customs Costings, liaising with our outsourced warehouse.

We would like to thank you immensely for your assistance.

Richard Leus, Business Controller (Desso)

Truly Remarkable

You and your team are truly remarkable Mr Glover, thank you very much. My thumbs up for you. Regards,


Thanks to Pendragon, my dream to live in Sydney is a reality

Just a small token of thanks for all your hard work over the past two years. Without you, my dream to live in Sydney would never have been possible. Many thanks for all your help and understanding.

Rochelle Hutson

Happy client

Glad to know that everything is working out! Luckily Pendragon is one of those rare jobs where I have found that everyone in the chain stands behind their words.

Mary McIntyre

Excellent Service

I had been engaging with Pendragon payroll service for more than a year.

I am always impressed by the customer service level provided by Pendragon. They have provided extensive help in my Super contribution and tax reporting.

The best salary processing company I have ever worked with in my 14 years of contracting. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to whoever may be looking for payroll service or any service provided by Pendragon.

Li Mei Keng, Senior Business Analyst (Origin Energy)

Amazing Team & Experts in the field

You guys have been amazing, I don’t think I’d still be in the country if it wasn’t for all your hard work over the years, and the parties have been pretty good too. Your gifts and support have been really appreciated. I’m sorry I have to leave, I have been with Pendragon since August 2001; I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Dominic Bond, Manager (Macquarie Bank)

Extremely Pleased

I live a very busy lifestyle and therefore greatly appreciate how easy Pendragon have made the process of obtaining my sponsorship. Pendragon has provided a no headache approach and I am extremely pleased with all that the staff have done for me.

Marion Farrelly, Manager (Perisoft consulting)

Efficient and reliable service

The service at Pendragon is quick and efficient with someone always on hand to resolve anything. I would have no hesitation in referring friends and colleagues to Pendragon, especially internationals.

Andrew Cantle, (EVP Global Business)

Happy client

Whoo hoo! Thank you – I’m skint! And thanks also for always paying promptly. Not something you’d think would be entirely difficult, but my boyfriend (who’s with one of your opposition) is never paid regularly, or on time – if at all!

Penny Lockyer, (Gentil Eckersley)

Highly recommended

I would just like to extend a big thank you to the team for your support over the past nine years helping me though my visa and my residency. I will highly recommend your services should anyone ask about visas/residency.

Simon Wan

Only Contractor Management company I would recommend

Once again I’d like to thank everyone at Pendragon for taking such good care of me. If I ever need to recommend a management company to another contractor, Pendragon will be at the top of my list (actually, they’ll be the only one on my list).

Marty Channon, (Freelance IT)

Great support and assistance to settle in Australia

I would like to thank all the staff at Pendragon for all their assistance and support over the last year or so that has opened the doors for me to settle in Australia and look forward to working with them in the future.

Tom Bartlam, (Pacific Publications)

Thank you for your support

I would like to say thank you very much to the Pendragon team for their support and fast response to my questions. Great customer service and you have one more ‘Pendragon Fan’.

Peter, IT Consultant

Excellent Service

I think Pendragon is a great organisation and I continue to recommend your services whenever I see an opportunity. I’m very proud of my association with Pendragon.

Sharon Sear

Just wanting to reach out and say big thank you to the team at Pendragon for all their support and assistance. We were working on roles in the aviation space and looking for candidates with a very niche set of skills and limited candidate pool available, the candidate we had selected was needing to be sponsored for a 482 visa. Not being able to provide the service ourselves, we engaged Pendragon who provided us with advice and ran us through the process step by step, keeping both ourselves and our visa applicant well informed throughout the whole process. We cannot recommend Pendragon enough and a big thank you to Kelly, Hannah and Angie for all your help and support. Pendragon is our only go to for this service.

Sarah Borg,Senior Recruitment Consultant
We would love to hear your thoughts

We would love to hear your thoughts

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