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Australia – Are IT Technical Skills no longer in high demand?

By 6 June 2016No Comments

IT ImageThe 2016 Australia’s Digital Pulse Report from the Australia Computer Society (ACS) found there’s been a real shift in terms of employment throughout the sector. It seems, Technical skills are no longer in the high demand they once were, with many companies now focusing on the non-technical side of their operations. Have you found this to be true?…

Deloitte Access Economies, which prepared the report, found that the digital economy is expected to expand from 5% to 7% of gross domestic product over the next four years. In order to achieve this growth, there will be quite a different emphasis from the business going in search of people to recruit for 457 Visa sponsorship jobs.

Analysis of Linkedin data shows that 6 out of the top 10 skills now sought by ICT specialists fall into non-technical categories. Among them are sales, customer service and project management.

A shift in recruitment strategies

ACS President Anthony Wong explained that different sectors now need to work together to ensure a skills gap doesn’t start to form. This will guide future training and recruitment, while making certain that Australia doesn’t fall behind its global competitors.

“A clear message from the report is that our economy now needs ICT specialists with creativity, entrepreneurship and strategic business skills whilst non ICT workers increasingly require a base level of digital competency”.

The Australian Digital Skills and Salary Survey published by Slade Group Digital last year found that more businesses are finding it difficult to recruit the staff they need. For a quarter of respondents, this was because they didn’t believe the right level of talent was available.

Deloitte Access Economic Partner John O’Mahony revealed that digital technology contributes an enormous amount to the national economy – and this is only likely to grow. The Australian economy is predicted the expand 75% by 2020 and for this to be achieved, a skilled workforce must be put into place. Offering greater access to Australia work permit that 457 Visas could be one solution to the problem.

If you are a company looking for talent in the ICT area , overseas skilled workers could be a great option for you. Pendragon have an on-hire agreement with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that allows us to sponsor individuals of specific occupations looking to live and work in Australia. If you are a company who is unable or does not want to sponsor directly, this is where we fit it. Pendragon will become the surrogate employer. We take care of the compliance and administration involved to make the process easy for you and your business.

If you would like further information or have any further questions, please feel free to talk to us… (02)9407 8700 or Contact Us Form.

Purnima Kabra