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Backpackers – Do you know your visa tax rules…?

Let’s start with the bridging visa rules… then go onto the backpacker tax rules…

Bridging Visas

A Bridging visa A (BVA) allows you to remain lawfully in Australia until a decision is made on your substantive visa application.

If you still hold a current substantive visa when your BVA is granted, you must continue to comply with any conditions that are on that substantive visa. When your substantive visa ends, the conditions of your BVA will apply.

If you are granted a BVA to stay in Australia and your previous visa held was a 417 or 462 working holiday visa, please be aware you are bound by the working holiday visa conditions; for instance, you are not allowed to work for an employer for more than 6 months and your tax will remain under the rate of a backpacker. Further information…. Working in Australia while you hold a BVA

A BVA lets you temporarily stay in Australia. It will usually end when you leave Australia as this visa subclass does not allow you to return. If you travel outside Australia, you need a Bridging Visa B (BVB) to return. Further information on Travelling outside Australia while you hold a BVA

Tax rules for 417 / 462 Working Holiday and Bridging visa’s

If you work in Australia, tax will be withheld from your pay and you will need to lodge a tax return each year. The requirement to lodge a tax return will depend on how much income you have earned during the year.

The Australian income year starts on 1 July and ends on 30 June the following year.

As a working holiday maker either on a 417 or 462 visa, the first $45,000 of your income that’s from $0 – $45,000 is taxed at 15% and the balance is taxed at ordinary rates. You can also have a look at the working holiday visa tax table! You are a working holiday maker if you have a visa subclass: 462 or 417

If your 417 or 462 visa is about to end, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss about your future visa possibilities on [email protected] or alternatively give us a call on 02 9407 8700

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