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Becoming a Freelancer On a Student Visa Is Easier Than You Think…

By 13 August 2020No Comments

We understand on a student visa, flexible work options are what you want the most…! Managing work, studying, dealing with assignments and deadlines all together can be difficult.

As a result, most students prefer not to work in a typical international student job, and instead top up their skills, develop some contacts, work as a freelancer and become their own boss. However, being a freelancer means thinking of different things you would need to do like accounting, marketing, IT, back-office etc. To help you reduce the burden of accounting and back-office services and give you the freedom and flexibility to do things your way, we are here to help!

Become a freelancer on your international student visa by working through Pendragon.

Why us?

  • Alleviate your need for ABN, GST & BAS
  • Forget about raising and chasing invoices. We will do it for you
  • We cover you for insurances
  • Set up and handle multiple contracts and legal documents
  • Focus on your core offering and leave the rest to us
  • You get more time to plan and execute things your way

We have helped students like you to get out of their daily grind of working for someone else and give them the freedom and flexibility to do things their way. Start maximising your time and earnings and reap the rewards of being your own boss without the stress. If you are considering becoming your own boss on a student visa, please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach us at [email protected] for more assistance and advice.

Purnima Kabra