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BREXIT – What Happened And What Is Actually Wrong?

By 29 June 2016No Comments

Brexit ImageA Poms view from downunder (Australia)

Being a Pom living in Australia, I have been asked over the weekend what I think of Brexit so have decided to put my view and thoughts in writing.

Well to begin, there are some questions:

What have they done?… Do they really know?…

Most probably not… In fact, what have the older generation done to a younger generation? May be a more appropriate question.
I am part of that older generation – the children of the WWII children. We were indoctrinated in ‘don’t learn a foreign language, if they want to do business then they can talk English’, ‘Don’t buy German, don’t buy French and definitely don’t buy Japanese’, ‘get rid of the foreigners’ etc, etc. Oh dear, oh dear history leaves a negative mark.

So with this upbringing combined with very little truth and education from the politicians on what is actually going on then what can you expect? They have the voice of history in their heads and their own take on what Europe is doing to the United Kingdom…and the result is OUT!

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty…
The politicians have not explained and educated their investors. Yes that’s right investors. Basically in today’s world a Country is a company, it needs excellent leadership, it has investors (the people of that country as they pay the tax’s, that pay the politicians wages etc.). No Company (Country) can be a Not For Profit, everyone has to have a profit to re-invest or have a surplus, recognise that word, to be able to act quickly in hard times e.g. cash under the bed for rainy days as my parents’ generation would say…

So the ‘Company UK’ investors (taxpayers both individuals and businesses) and by a strange fate the individuals are also shareholders give their money over to the Board (government) to run ‘Company UK’.
The Board (government) then elects their choice of a leader/chairperson (Prime Minister) to represent the party. The party gets voted in by the people of ‘Company UK’, the shareholders of that company. Note that neither the shareholders nor the investors elect the leader (PM) directly this is done by the board (the party).

The Chair (PM) now has the task of heading up the board (the party) to run the company.
He organises his team into areas and this is where the cracks start…

First of all, the word ‘Leader’, are any of our leaders really, leaders anywhere in the world? Are they someone you would believe and follow?? Are they even good managers?…

Secondly they appoint individuals into committees such as Finance, HR, Employment, Education etc but a lot of these people do not have any skills in these committees (portfolios), the minister for education the minister for immigration are they qualified to do the job?..

That aside now we get to the real part, education of shareholders (the tax paying voting public)…

The board (government) provide a lack of correct information for the shareholders to be able to make a meaningful decision. In fact in some instances they go out of their way to fool the shareholders as do the opposition who want to get their hold on POWER.
Within the lies or fibs, how can the shareholders know what is true and what’s false?.. If you were told its ok to put petrol in your diesel engine and you did then you know what will happen… Brexit. Also when the average salary in the UK is 27,600GBP* and you tell someone that 350 million pounds is going to another entity, of course everyone wants that money back to be distributed internally, which we know will not happen as it’s not the full true story.

My view is that all the shareholders (voting public) want the truth not a sales and marketing pitch to get the votes or just to have a go at what the opposition party is doing. Also the shareholders want the politicians to understand the pulse/feeling amongst them, which may make the politicians ask further questions and/or supply further information before acting or assuming that they know what the shareholders (voting public) want.
As I said earlier I believe there is no difference today between a company and a country. In the company world today the company realises that the people they are talking to need to be educated in the service or product they are supplying, NO ONE WANTS TO BE SOLD TO, they want to be correctly informed and then they can make the decision on facts not fairy tales.

The pace of the world has changed to a speed about 1000 times that of politics (slight exaggeration but you get my gist), people want correct information delivered to them quickly and easily… most people don’t vote people in today they vote parties / people out that they are fed up with, especially if they are not being educated as to why they are being asked to go down a certain path…

This works the same in day-to-day decisions, for instance cars – they get you from A-B, have a steering, wheel, 4 tyres, an engine and some seats so what’s the difference between one car or another? Why don’t we all just have the same car? Because we are informed on what each car is capable of, what it can do, what colour would we like and what amount of money would we like to spend etc. We are informed so lots of different cars are bought by different people for different reasons. In fact most people have worked out exactly what they want before they even go to the car showroom or buy from a private person, they are EDUCATED and they make their choice and that choice is different from anyone else for whatever reason.

So politicians why don’t you try this approach, people may actually then vote for you because you have told the whole truth and not tried to cover anything up or make something sound better than it is. You will gain trust if what you are saying is true, even if it’s not what people want to hear but they would prefer the truth….
Therefore I am not at all surprised the people/shareholders of ‘Company UK’ have had their say and this is a warning to the world of politics that the people have had enough of your games, just give it to us straight and then let us make our minds up.

Brexit – What’s it going to end up as going forward? British Islands, UK, or Just Great Britain, just England, London separated?… Realising you still want the EU links and benefits?

On a positive note this most probably needed to happen and perhaps the UK is one of the few places in the world that can cope, if they have a strong good leadership across all parties, (no messing about for brownie points now people), and get through this. They will hopefully add a further dimension to the words Global Civilisation. I know the youth want a global civilisation plus a lot of middle aged people and quite a few senior people.
I can imagine all the younger people around the globe will perhaps be shocked as to why their “mates” in the UK have done this. Please don’t blame them, their parents have had a tantrum but some of the tantrum is valid so don’t go to hard on them either. Clear precise communication is what’s needed now, no finger pointing…

The system within the UK politics and also Europe was obviously not working as it should or as the people who voted out thought it should. So clear heads, positive thoughts and let’s make this work going forward and all you politicians out there globally learn a very big lesson from this as the generation coming through will want even less of your stories to gain power what they will want is your thoughts for the future of the human race and how we are going to look after everything over the next 50 plus years, not just the next 2 to keep you in power.

* Average Salary UK 2015/2016. The average salary in the UK for the tax year ending 5 April 2015 was £27,600. This is a median average and an increase of 1.6% over the 2014 median average which was £27,200. These averages are for full time employees with data taken from the ONS Annual Average Salary Survey.

Purnima Kabra