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New World of Work

Build a strong team through your workplace culture

By 2 November 2017No Comments

With the rise of social media and other technologies, individuals are now able to treat themselves as a brand. As a result, the power has been taken away from businesses to choose the employees that will be the best fit for them, rather the individual chooses the workplace that will be the best fit for them. So how do businesses get the cards back in their hands and become highly sought after by the best individuals?
Create a great place to work
There are thousands of things that factor into creating a great workplace – trust, freedom and fun all play their part. When it boils down to it, a great workplace is one that has a unique culture that people love to be a part of everyday. Each business will be different and will appeal to different individuals, but when you nail your workplace culture there’s a flow on effect to the rest of your business.

Take your pick

Got a unique culture? If your answer is yes, you’re in a great position. As an employer you need to be sure that the best talent is showing up at your door – not the door of your competitors. A unique culture will attract plenty of individuals scrambling to be chosen by you. You get to take back the power in the hiring process and you’ll get the talent that suits your business and which will drive your business towards success.

Get a strong team

When you get your choice of employees, you’re able to build a team full of people who are dedicated to your company values and really care about the goals of your business. Too often, hiring is done based on skill alone, when culture fit should also be considered; If someone doesn’t fit in your culture, it’s likely they won’t be aligned to the beliefs, values and goals of the team. The disconnect can negatively impact on their work and their loyalty to your company will be minimal at best.

Send engagement levels soaring

Studies show that engaged people in a workplace are 50% more likely to exceed expectations in their work than the least engaged workers. Every company needs to be made up of driven people with enthusiasm for their work and when you create a positive workplace culture, these people will find their way into your team one way or another, sending your engagement levels sky-high and creating great work, everyday.
Every business wants loyal employees and your workplace culture is an effective way to their hearts – strike the right balance in your workplace and you’ll be moving towards success.
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Purnima Kabra