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Charity Begins at Home…

By 31 January 2020April 1st, 2020No Comments

This month we must focus on the devastating Australian fires… and the tragedy that will unfold not only now but in months and years to come…

Australia has been devastated by the fires in many areas recently and the full extent of the devastation will not be entirely seen until after the end of summer, that is, around April/ May this year. Due to the unfortunate events, millions of hectares of trees have been badly damaged or in a lot of cases destroyed. To put this into perspective, in NSW alone, almost 5 million hectares have been burned, which covers an area larger than the Netherlands. In total, the area burned is almost the size of England, which is 13 million hectares

The regeneration of the forest and replenishing of the animals that have been killed will not start to take place until literally the smoke settles, nor the rebuilding of family and community lives.

Pendragon had already pledged last year to plant a tree in 2020 for every new lead and also to support a Koala for anyone who works through Pendragon for a minimum of 3 months… The replenishment of the trees is essential not only for Australia but also for the global climate and the native animals such as the Koalas.

If you would like to help us in rebuilding Australia’s forests and bring back habitats and a future for the wildlife, please let us know If you know of anyone looking for a better way to be a contractor/ freelancer or people who are looking to get a visa for Australia… please forward them our way for a free assessment… and or look to donate directly here

We will be doing more during the year to assist further with specific charities and some private ventures looking to assist the impact on families and communities, and we will keep you informed on what we will be doing and how you might be able to assist.

Purnima Kabra