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Christmas in July… A very British thing? In Australia…

By 29 June 2020No Comments

When we think of Christmas, we automatically think of an amazing holiday and marvellous celebrations on 25th December. Those originally from the northern hemisphere always like Christmas to be associated with the winter season, with the cold, snowflakes, decorations and warm fires. But, when you arrive in Australia, you will have to get used to the ‘Southern Hemisphere’s weather patterns. Just like Australia’s name ‘down under’, you will have to be ready for everything ‘upside-down’ here!

Because of the seasonal changes in December, Christmas in Australia is celebrated differently. Instead of being huddled by the fire and drinking hot chocolate, most Australians would rather like to chill at the beach with a bottle of chilled beer or wine plus the traditional ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’! While celebrating Christmas at warm sunny beaches is absolute fun, we also think it’s a wonderful idea to celebrate Christmas a second time. Once on the 25th December and then once again in July. Since winter is at its peak in July, most Australians like to celebrate Christmas in its traditional sense with traditional Christmas dinner, drinks by the fire and getting cosy in warm attire (who doesn’t love the wintery vibes for Christmas!). Though we know it (as not is) Christmas in July, Aussies sometimes call this second celebration Yulefest or Yuletide.

However, the July celebration doesn’t replace the December celebration. Aussies still celebrate Christmas with gifts and other traditions in December, but the festivities in July is just like an added bonus which would allow them to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas with the equivalence of the northern hemisphere cold feel. Plus, it is an ideal time and a great excuse to enjoy a Christmas feast while bringing all friends and family together in the middle of the year! Unfortunately, there is no additional public holiday for an extra celebration, and not everyone celebrates for the second time.

Believe it or not, it’s a great way to take and enjoy a breather in the middle of the year! What are your thoughts?  If you would like to witness and celebrate Christmas twice; with summery beautiful sunny days and again with wintery vibes then why don’t you think about living and working in Australia… talk to us…

Purnima Kabra