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If you’re in a position where you hire contractors, that’s a great position to be in, less overheads, more people to choose from. This all sounds great until a complaint is made about your company or your practices to a Fair Work Ombudsman. There could be a real issue, or the error could go unnoticed accidentally.

In December 2021, Sandra Parker who is a Fair Work Ombudsman says if businesses aren’t paying attention, they can quickly amass huge backpay bills. One such 4.5 million dilemma was Hudson Recruiters. They had underpaid white collared Temp workers by 4.5 million dollars, all of which must be paid back. The company was recently audited, and it was found that they had been under paying their workers, unbeknown to them.

Hiring contractors whether full time, part time, temporary, on contract or any such way is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. In fact there is more legislation surrounding the hiring governances of contractors. The staff and the legalities are constantly changing to the point recruiters may find it a headache to be sifting and completing all the paperwork required.

But the chances of being audited are higher than you think. Pendragon build companies’ confidence and has done for over 20 years as they are your backstop. They are there to cross your T’s and Dot your I’s and ensure your business is fully compliant. The costs are ridiculously affordable and the amount of work and headache not to mention the peace of mind Pendragon provides to recruiters and agencies is a blessing in disguise.

“Whether you are handling your payroll manually or automatically, mistakes can be made, especially if it’s not your core business” CEO, John Glover of Pendragon states. A previous contractor Li Mei Keng stated “I have engaged Pendragon’s payroll services for over a year now. I am always impressed by the customer service level provided by Pendragon. They have provided extensive help with Super contribution and tax reporting. They are by far the best salary processing company I have ever worked with in my 14 years of contracting work.”

Outsourcing your payroll to experts like Pendragon is worth looking into, they are only a call or email away, and you will be surprised by the free advice they will offer, especially on the latest topics about governing laws, and ways to implement systems that save you time and money.

Pendragon Management can offer your business a full turnkey solution, or a tailor-made service specific to your business, no matter how large or boutique you are.

Interested? Call Pendragon today on 02 9407 8700 or email  [email protected]

Pendragon Team