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Contractor Challenges Survey Analysis…

By 28 April 2020No Comments

Contractor/Freelancer – Major Challenges Survey Results…

We really appreciate the participation we had in our recent Contractor Survey. As promised, after carefully assessing each response we have come back to share with you the survey results.

From each response we now know that the most common challenge faced by an independent contractor are Multiple Contracts, Business Activity Statements (BAS) followed by Insurance and Invoicing, Cash flow and Debt Collection.


Moving further, through the study it has been shown that 68.75% of independent contractors find it difficult to manage multiple contracts and get the clients to sign the documents quickly. Below are the results.

For detailed analysis and brief explanation of what it means, please download the report.

If you feel you are facing these or other challenges that is impacting you as a contractor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or alternatively talk to us on 02 9407 8700…


Purnima Kabra