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Creating A Brighter Tomorrow…

By 2 March 2020April 1st, 2020No Comments

Due to the horrendous bush fires recently, there was a lot of destruction of the natural habitat and food source of the koalas. They lost their homes and their lives to these widespread bush fires and excessive tree-cleaning.

As you recall, in-order to further protect Koalas, their food sources and homes before they are gone forever and to address the issue of their national decline, the team at Pendragon had made a New Year Resolution to do what they can to address the situation and save the koalas.

Pendragon pledged to help and support local charities who are ethical, environmentally friendly and working hard to stop the destruction of endangered habitats, by planting a tree for every qualified lead we receive in 2020. We would love to update you on this pledge of ours!

The team at Pendragon is glad to share with you that we have over 100 trees ready to be planted so far…

As committed, we will be doing more during the year and keep you updated! Because in the end, it’s up to us to ensure future generations get to see these iconic Aussie animals in the wild.

Purnima Kabra