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Don’t blow your chance of getting Permanent Residency in Australia. Act now!!!!

By 25 November 2020No Comments

Suppose you held a subclass 457 visa or had applied for a 457 on or before 18th April 2017. In that case, you may be eligible to be a part of a cohort of 457 visa holders, who have had special arrangements (known as Grandfathering rules) put in place by the Department of Home Affairs to enable them to apply for employer-sponsored Permanent Residence (PR).

What does that mean?

For instance, if you have an occupation such as Recruitment Consultant (which is now removed from the new employer-sponsored occupations PR list), and you are part of the transitional cohort, among other concessions, your occupation does not need to be on the current permanent employer-sponsored visa occupations list for you to qualify/be suitable for employer nominated permanent residency…

In simple words, you are still eligible to apply for your PR if you held or applied for your 457 visa before 18th April 2017 even if you have moved sponsors since.

However, please remember, if you are on the old 457 visa and you change your employer, and then apply for a new TSS 482 visa, this may jeopardise your chance to apply for Permanent Residence under the Grandfathering rules for the relevant employer-sponsored pathway.

We would suggest, before taking the next step, please be aware of the rules around the “Grandfather Provisions” and make sure you make a correct move. For a free consultation and to discuss more about old 457 or TSS 482 visa and your options for PR under the Grandfathering provisions, please don’t hesitate to talk to us… contact us or reach us at [email protected]

Purnima Kabra