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Get ready for St Patrick’s Day – Celebrate in Green…

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Who invented St Patrick’s Day…?

Boston has long staked claim to the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the American colonies. On March 17, 1737, more than two dozen Presbyterians who emigrated from the north of Ireland gathered to honour St. Patrick and form the Charitable Irish Society to assist distressed Irishmen in the city.

St Patrick Day history in Australia

St Patrick’s Day has always been the day for the Irish in Australia. On 17 March 1795, there were rowdy festivities among the Irish convicts, and the cells were filled with prisoners. Later the occasion gained in respectability, marked by formal dinners attended by the colonial elite, many with no Irish connections.

By the early 20th century, parades were held in capital cities and rural centres. These were demonstrations of connections with an Irish Catholic past or support for Irish political causes.

St Patrick Day now in Australia

Today St Patrick’s Day in Australia has evolved into a fun day marked by revelry, green beer and comical hats. On that day, some say that there are only two kinds of people – those who are Irish, and those who wish they were.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Sydney, The Rocks is returning with a free event on Sunday, 21st March 2021. Kicking off at 11 am with a traditional smoking ceremony, festival-goers can enjoy some toe-tapping live music from some of Sydney’s best-known Irish acts, world-class Irish dance performances, taste some of the best Irish food Sydney has to offer and feel a little closer to home on their National Day all while overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Know more about Sydney St Patrick Day Festival

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