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Getting Permanent Residency From A 457 visa…

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PR in AustAre you looking to get Permanent Residency?

If you cannot apply through the General Skills Process GSM because you skills or age does not qualify then there may be another option for you through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
One way to apply is that once you have spent 2 years on a 457 with existing/same company you can then ask them to sponsor you through the ENS programme if they are happy to sponsor you then your application can be started Or…
You can look at being sponsored direct by a new employer under the ENS programme if you have spent 3 years within your skill set and have obtained a positive assessment of your skills by the relevant Australian assessing body.
E.g. if you spend 2/3 years on your 457 visa and come across a new opportunity with a new company looking to employ you direct then you can ask them to look at the ENS sponsorship option and employ you under the ENS so you get Permanent residency. You the individual can pay for all of the costs of the visa so it has no cost exposure to the company or you can include it as part of your salary negotiations.
This means you could work for Pendragon for 2/3 years and then either approach your existing employer or the new one you have found and try to get them to become the ENS sponsor for you. We are happy to assist with the discussions with either your existing employer or the new one you are looking to move too, to help you obtain Permanent residency.

If are looking to get Permanent residency, talk to us as we have qualified migration agents that can assist and guide you.

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Purnima Kabra