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Has there been a change in your personal circumstances while awaiting your visa approval…?

By 28 January 2021No Comments

If you have an ongoing visa application in process and there is a change in your personal situation, we would recommend that you talk to a qualified migration agent so they can advise you accordingly on how to proceed…

Similarly, if your situation has changed, or is about to change… make sure you get professional advice on what to do… as this may affect your visa situation and possibly your future visa options… Have a look below at the most common situations that the Department of Home Affairs would need to be advised about…

We would strongly recommend you get professional advice on any situation that may be a change in circumstances so as not to have your visa declined or affected by them… alternatively, for free advice and assistance on your best visa options, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or talk to us at 02 9407 8700.

Purnima Kabra