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How has the world of work changed in a year…? And what does it mean for employers…?

By 24 February 2021No Comments

It’s a year since we have got hit by a global pandemic and while some things have gone back, or will go back to the way they were, for others, this will be the new normal…

With Australia transitioning into the recovery phase, there are new ways how COVID-19 will change the workplace forever:

  • Flexibility: We all know that work is not going to be the same as we are all familiar with working from home. Experiencing its flexibility, many employees will want to work from home permanently and this will force companies to become more flexible. Some companies may be willing to adopt the hybrid model (my preference) that would include both working from home and the office.
  • Millennial workforce: Millennials being the first generation to be raised by steady access to technology and with them entering or within the workforce already, we are already seeing the change in the old thought of an office being the only place to be productive and successful.
  • The concept of Contracting/Freelancing: The concept of contracting/freelancing has emerged as a new way of working and redefine the mechanics of the corporate workplace. Interestingly the gig economy will comprise half the workforce by 2030. Millennials are taking up freelance projects, assignments and part-time roles in different companies. While pay is still one of the major factors, individuals are choosing work flexibility and growth opportunities in this new world of work.
  • The traditional 9-5 job has become a thing of the past: With the rise of the gig-economy, climbing the corporate ladder from 9-to-5 sounds no more exciting! Individuals will look for work that will allow them to prioritise their needs and requirements and work on projects that offer more flexibility and suit their skills the best.

In this new working environment, managing and running multiple contractors/freelancers and paying them sporadically, keeping compliant and not running into legal battles of who is or who is not an employee or a contractor/freelancer can be a nightmare!

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Purnima Kabra