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Your back-office team, taking us from contract to contract

Navigating the administrative and statutory intricacies of contractor life can be a taxing experience—literally.

Our fully managed contractor management service manages your contracts, invoicing & payments, tax obligations, and salary packaging for you. Our commitment is to ensure your contract journey remains hassle-free and smooth, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

No need to be your own Accountant and Lawyer

We aim to make your contractor engagements stress-free so you can focus on what you're best at.

  • Consistent and Secure Payments

  • Legal and Accounting Paperwork

  • Simplified Movement Between Contracts

  • Invoice Chasing Performed on Your Behalf

  • Get Paid on Time

“I had been engaging Pendragon payroll service for more than a year. I am always impressed by the customer service level provided by Pendragon. They have provided extensive help in my Super contribution and tax reporting. The best salary processing company I have ever worked with in my 14 years of contracting. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to whoever may be looking for payroll service or any service provided by Pendragon.”

Li Mei KengSenior Business Analyst

360 Degrees of Compliance

We Handle The Things You Never Knew Existed

Monthly payroll tax reporting and payments

Monthly superannuation reporting and payments

Weekly PAYG (Pay As You Go) reporting and payment structure

Single Touch Payroll, simplifies annual tax reporting

The Pendragon Process

For a small service fee, you get to enjoy freelancing with a carefree mind!

Gain access to our Contractor portal

Access our contractor portal to oversee end-to-end workflow, from accepting new contracts, updating personal details, timesheet submissions, viewing payment advice, and extension processes.

Contract Set Up

Got a new client? We'll prepare a contract for your new project and get it signed. This ensures that your work is safe, lawfully protected, and payable.


We will prepare invoices for all your clients, projects, and contracts. Pendragon will personally collect payment and chase outstanding invoices.


We make sure that you get paid regularly! This means that Pendragon will pay out what is due to you regardless of your client's payment status.
We make sure that you get paid regularly! This means that Pendragon will pay out what is due to you on time every time and if you choose our instant payroll service we will pay you regardless of your client's payment status.

Accounting and Tax

Pendragon will take care of all the accounting and taxation paperwork you require, allowing you to devote 100% of your energy on what you do best.

Want to operate independently but without the administration?

Pendragon can make it happen.

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