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Live Long and Prosper: Is Your Business Ready for ‘The New World of Work’

By 15 September 2016No Comments

After my recent support for the very enlightening and fascinating Blockchain Smart Cities seminar in Parramatta I believe that Blockchain Technology is part of our ‘New World of Work’, it is just one aspect of how the world continues to grow and how technology is paving the path forward. Employment and how people are employed has already changed, and will continue to change, even in the near future.
Workplaces are becoming more diverse, human capital is moving across borders and workers are picking up new skills in a time of intense change. Businesses need to start thinking about workforce issues on a global scale, and deciding how they are going to deal with the sea change that awaits. How will people want to be employed/remunerated in the not too distant future?

Blockchain Technology is revolutionising – amongst other things – the concept of time sheets, contracts and payroll. Imagine that you’ve just interviewed a prospective client and you decide that you want to hire them. One click of a button and suddenly the contract is signed, the person is employed and you have their bank and tax details automatically in your system to sort out their payment – no double handling. It’s almost like an Uber concept, you’ve electronically entered into a contract with a driver to get you from point A to point B, and when the driver completes their requirements, payment is transferred and the contract is complete, completely electronically.

The contingent workforce is one aspect which will become more central to the future of employment. Contingent workers are persons who are not on the company payroll, but still provide services to the organisation, including contractors, consultants, temps and advisors.

The Future, it’s here now…

Solar panels, Tesla electric cars and power walls – here now. Self-drive trucks and self-drive cars, UBER – here now. Ford has just announced it will have self-drive cars on the roads within 4 years.

The world is changing at the fastest pace ever and it will only get faster not slower. Do you really think the world of business will not change as fast, or perhaps even faster? How we work, are employed, remunerated is all changing and it’s changing now.

As a company how would you like a ‘Cash flow button’ or ‘contractor/employee payment button’? We are in the process of looking at all of this and are in fact developing systems within all the known technologies of today to help your business be prepared and ready for the future now.

Contractor/Contingent Workforce Management…

We are at the forefront of our industry but we still take our beliefs and values from the past… Our name Pendragon derives from King Arthur – Arthur Pendragon. It is stated that there were over 400 years of peace and tranquillity within the realm whilst the Pendragon family were at the head.

King Arthur followed some good old fashioned principles; Honesty, Ethics, Integrity, Wisdom, Courage and Chivalry

Here at Pendragon we pride ourselves in following these principles hence providing the best individual service using old values in a future world to all our clients.

Having been brought up on Dr Who, Daleks and Star Trek – ‘To boldly go where no one has gone before’ – is almost a mantra for us.

We are always looking to the future to keep an eye on what our clients want for their future service from us.

Our core aim for all our clients is to…

Maximise their income and minimise their stress.

Our core business is ‘Salary Management’ which encompasses contractor management, contingent workforce management, payroll and financial back office services… with 18 years of experience in managing contractors for companies, removing the burdens of the individuals ABN and PSI constraints we can say that we are at the forefront of the ‘Salary Management’ world.
Whilst the future is changing around us, Pendragon is celebrating its eighteenth birthday. That’s eighteen years of being at the forefront of thought when it comes to understanding salary management. As part of our celebrations we will be launching the ‘The New World of Work’.

Hosted at the Tesla Showroom in Martin Place, on Tuesday October 25th, we will be considering the future, whilst surrounded by the future of transport and energy. Futurist Craig Rispin is one of our featured speakers, as is current World Champion and Paralympian swimmer Ellie Cole.

Pendragon’s ‘New World of Work’ is available for download now

Good luck with your future.
Put your business into the hands of people who care.
Talk to us… 02 9407 8700 [email protected]

Originally published in BiziNet Magazine #81 Sept/Oct 2016

Purnima Kabra