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With the ‘New World of Work’ requiring companies to have more flexibility with employee engagement, Pendragon Management, salary management specialists, will be partnering with APositive, cash flow specialists, to create a complete contractor management service where you will be able to outsource your payroll, compliance and cash flow needs, and it’s not just for contractors, you can tailor the service for employees as well.
The partnership between the companies will make running contractors a breeze, particularly for recruiters who are considering wandering into the contractor market or a consulting firm looking for fast expansion.
Pendragon Management CEO and Managing Director John Glover said of the new partnership, “We are excited about working alongside APositive as cash flow is a huge issue for any business and if you are able to salvage your cash flow, you will be able to run a more efficient and profitable business.”
His sentiments were echoed by APositive Director Danny Marlow.
“Managing cash flow is critical to growing a labour based business, especially as customers take any opportunity to delay payment. Coupling cash flow solutions with Pendragon’s contractor management services can build a strong platform for recruiters and consultants to grow with confidence.”
The partnership will aim to create a low cost, easy and an effective entry for any business looking to begin running or managing contractors or offer the ‘New World of Work’ employee option to their existing staff.

Purnima Kabra