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Contractor Management

Gain competitive advantage with a flexible workforce. Attract, select and retain the best people while reducing your overheads

Pendragon’s Contractor Management Services provides a competitive advantage for your organisation to attract, select and retain the best people for the job whether they are local or international, temporary or permanent, long or short term staff. Reward your contractors by utilising Pendragon’s MAXpay services – which creates a win win for all parties.
What you can expect

Flexible & Responsive

Organisations that respond and adapt to change in and outside their organisation – are utilising contract staff as one of the more powerful business tools; this enables organisations to remain flexible and responsive whilst still achieving results. Engaging individuals who understand the benefits of contracting also comes with high job satisfaction and low labour turnover.

  • Your own dedicated Pendragon Care manger
  • Updates on any compliance or legal employment changes
  • Dedicated personal login to the Pendragon portal in the future
  • Access to the Member Care Team who will provide advice on Salary Management & visas
  • Options to assist with cashflow and compliance
  • Our team becomes your back office team

Alleviation from Government Reporting Obligations

We perform the many reporting functions required by legislation

Monthly payroll tax reporting and payments

Monthly superannuation reporting and payments

Weekly PAYG (Pay As You Go) reporting and payment structure

End of year payment summary print-outs and remittance to Australian Tax Office

Pendragon’s Contractor Management Services provide you with:

Payroll Administration and Fulfillment

Pendragon will take care of the payroll for your Contractors/Consultants.

Reduced internal on-costs & overheads

Through services like Salary Packaging your Contractors/Consultants/Freelancers we can save you money by increasing their net income without you having to increase their rate of pay.

Insurance Coverage

We save your company money by covering your Employees/Contractors/Consultants for Workers Compensation & Professional Indemnity; inadvertently also saving you the time and costs associated with the administration involved. This also alleviates you of any responsibility, liability or increase in your premiums if a claim is made.

Contract Setup & Administration

We provide contracts to all parties involved, individually drawn- up to suit the requirements of both the company and the Contractors/Consultants/Freelancers.

Workforce Flexibility

Engage your workforce based on your needs and requirements. Whether short or long term contracts, appoint your workforce with the terms that suit you and your organisation best.

Government Changes & Updates

We keep you fully informed of any changes to Government rules and regulations that may affect you or your Contractors/Consultants/Freelancers.

Elimination of the 80/20 Rule

By working through Pendragon you alleviate yourself and the contractor of the PSI (80/20) Rule (personal service income rule), this allows your contractors to work without time restraints for your organisation.
Contact us and our friendly and helpful care team will show you how Contractor Management can benefit your business.
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