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Salary Management

We look after managing all your salary needs through our Salary Management services.

In the ‘New World of Work‘ Pendragon realises that you have contractors, freelancers and employees all working in or through your organisation… that a contingent workforce will become more frequent in the future.

What we do is look after managing all the salary needs through our Salary Management services… whether its for contractors or your own internal employees we have services such as contractor management and MAXpay (Play-Packets not Pay-Packets) that benefit all parties and helps remove the burden or compliance and simplifies the process of employing, to make your life easier which will help your organisation, and you, become a leader in the ‘New World of Work’.

Think Play Packets, not Pay Packets

Employers need to attract the talent in the ‘New World of Work’ beyond pay. Yet it can be a legislative nightmare burden of people wanting freedom and flexibility, and it results in organisations needing a new way of paying, engaging and regarding new workers. The ‘New World of Work’ requires a new vision.

The savviest employers are able to adjust their retention strategies to help workers find meaning and satisfaction in their work.

  • Helps with retention strategies
  • Creates loyalty
  • Works with both employees and contingent workforce
  • Reduce your overheads – we manage your contractors and/or full time team
  • Kept up to date with all compliance needs
  • Global payments
  • Playpackets not paypackets
  • Increase net take home
  • Workforce flexibility

Think About Outsourcing Differently

Manage contractors or your full time team via a third party and reduce your overheads

Handle workers flexibility and portability through a third party, taking away the nightmare of workers’ compensation and professional indemnity

Encourage employer brand loyalty by making use of salary management services that allow your people to take home more without additional business costs

Bring the right people aboard – locate the right candidate globally and let a third party handle the rest

Salary Management will work for you by giving you an alternative employment arrangement but still staying within the law of the land. In fact, it could effectively produce a situation that increases the individual’s take home pay – they feel they are being better looked after by you and you are offering them a chance to play with their own financial destiny within your organisation. This is how loyalty will be built.

The ‘New World‘ of workers will combine the freedom of freelancers and contractors, but with the loyalty of long-term employees if treated correctly. These ‘independent salary workers’ are the same as the old workers, but they have the flexibility to run their own show in regards to their income and they feel more in control of their individual future.

These ‘independent salary workers’ can be employed but not paid by their employers! Instead they will be paid by a salary management company to whom the employer has outsourced the work – yet the ‘independent salary worker’ is still treated and seen as an employee of that company. It’s a total mind shift in the way the individuals are employed. Yet the loyalty and employer branding remains strong because the employer is actually giving more benefits than they would be able to if they were employing the individual directly, thanks to the salary management and packaging benefits they can offer by using Pendragon’s salary management service.