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Our Australian based staff work as if they are your staff, on behalf of you and your organisation

Our staff become your staff...

Pendragon is the premier outsourcing company in Australia that operates like no other outsourcing company. The team at Pendragon are Australian qualified and experienced specialists, who assist you in the running of your back office in the most proficient way. With Pendragon, you will receive great service and business advice, all while you and your organisation have TOTAL control!
Outsource your back office to allow your organisation to grow, avoid being tied down with admin and accounting roles that take up so much of your valuable time and money.

Save Money

By utilising the services of Pendragon’s Your Back Office you no longer have to be troubled with office space, overheads, staff and recruitment costs etc. You have a team of people working on your company at any one time without the salaries and associated on costs.

Save Time

Pendragon’s Your Back Office services allows for you and your team to focus on your core business and take advantage of the extra precious time, which can be spent on your existing clients and attracting new business.
Achieve a better work balance by relieving yourself of the back office tasks which takes up so much of your valuable time.

Organisation Flexibility

Whether your organisation is expanding or downsizing, with Pendragon’s Your Back Office, you are reassured that despite the changes happening to your organisation, your back office continues to run consistently, reliably, without disturbance or interruption.

Total Control

You have TOTAL control, we provide a dedicated manager as your point of contact, to discuss how YOU would like to have your back office set up and run by Pendragon.

Pendragon's Back Office Service

Talk to us… 02 9407 8700 or email us… [email protected] to tailor a solution to suit your organisations price and needs.
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