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JOHN GLOVER: Hello, welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talk. The question today what is the contingent workforce?
At the moment, it’s a growing group of workers engaged by companies on a non-permanent basis. These are freelancers, independent contractors or consultants not on the companies PAYG.
Also referred to as the gig economy, that movement from one gig to another, when they finish one gig they start another gig.
The contingent workforce is increasing in Australia, and therefore the HR managers, company owners and basically the workforce in general will have to adapt, to the managing and adapting of these people.
The next phase will be employees, wanting the same options to play with their pay, we call this play packets not pay packets. Basically, we’re all under a contract of employment, it’s how that contract is executed and paid that will be up to the individual and employer going forward.
We will all, most probably, end up in some form of contingent workforce in the future, but for now, the contingent workforce, gig economy, transient talent, whatever you want to call it, are individual workers who are not paid through a company’s PAYG system, but are hired as and when required.
Thanks for listening, I look forward to talking to you next time.

Purnima Kabra