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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Five

By 15 February 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER:Hello and welcome again to Pendragon’s Straight Talk. The question today is can my sponsoring company cancel my 457 visa?
The simple answer to that is no, only the Department can cancel the visa.
You will have 90 days, if you were granted a visa prior to the 19 of November 2016, to find further work and another sponsor, and if you were granted a visa after the 19th of November 2016 you will have 60 days to find another sponsor or further work.
Information will be sent to you and you will be informed if you have 90 days or 60 days to find further work. If, however, you do talk to immigration they may, if you are lucky, extend that.
So, the only person who can actually cancel your 457 visa and get your out of the country is the minister himself, your company cannot actually cancel your visa, you can find further work.
Thanks for listening, see you next time.

Purnima Kabra