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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Four

By 8 February 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER: Hello and welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talks. The question today is around immigration and the big question is why should I pay for a migration agent when I can get all the information for free online, which is a bit of a long question and a bit of an interesting one.
I think the word, the whole thing starts with information, what information you’re getting online, it’s just information, that’s the point.
When a migration agent looks after you they’ll give you an individual assessment of your own individual situation and they’ll advise you accordingly and with specifics of what you’ve got to do or not to do.
No two visas are the same, you must appreciate not two visas are the same, and a lot of people come to us and say ‘oh my mate in the pub he said this he said that,’ no two visas are the same.
Migration agents are trained in the migration law so they have to study a law course, a mini law course, so they’re qualified in that direction and they have to keep up to date to keep their license, so they are very knowledgeable and have to keep that knowledge going.
They are covered by a legal code of conduct and that means if you do think that they are not acting in accordance or on your behalf you can report them to their body which is MARA.
As I said they act on your behalf and argue your individual case so they, so for instance the cost of an application you could put the cost in you could do it yourself if you get it wrong that cost of the application you don’t get back. If an agents looking after you at least they’re going to put in stuff that they know is going to most probably get through and you will mostly pay not much more than it would have cost you to put in a second application, so you’d lose your first application and then you’d have to put a second application in anyway, so just think of it that way, the actual cost of not getting it right could be costly.
So just to wrap it up, they’re legally qualified, they’re very experienced, they actually most probably know more than the actual immigration department themselves, and they know how the department ticks so they know what needs to go in and how to argue it so if you want the best advice and someone to explanation in plain English or the language you talk, what you need to do and put in a great submission then please talk to a qualified migration agent
Thanks for listening, see you next time.

Purnima Kabra