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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Forty-Three

By 27 November 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER: Hello and welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talk. This week’s around marketing and I’ve been asked how do I use marketing companies and what my future thoughts on marketing are, so I’ll just give you a brief run down on how that works for me.
I don’t just use one marketing company, I use several marketing companies depending on their skill set and what I’m actually after and what area I want to go in and what service I require at that time.
Normal marketing companies can be everything to everyone, I believe they have to be specialised.
So it’s better to use specialised ones, in theory I have someone look after my web, I have someone look after blogs, social media, I use LinkedIn, I have an inhouse employee who is dedicated to communicating and marketing so they tend to coordinate this for me. I do one offs with some companies just for particular projects.
I find doing it this way gets a lot more brains thinking about your company and also not all your eggs are in one basket and with that I don’t fear letting marketing companies go, if they aren’t working just let them go because it’s costing you money.
What I don’t want is a thousand random hits on my website, what I do want is ten good qualified leads.
I think the future of marketing companies will be that they will be paid in commission based on results. So, basically they put their reputation on the line, if they are that good, they think they’re that good, then they will be paid on a commission basis as much as per project.
What I tend to do is educate them on what I do, because you’ve got to really educate them on what your product is and what you do, so that they can focus on that target market you want to get to and they are not generically firing off a load of marketing to the wrong audience. That will just be a complete waste of my teams time and of course a cost involved in that.
Don’t forget that some marketing is just good old fashioned public relations, so you just really want to be out there letting everybody know you’re there, I’m here, it’s a bit like the old advertising in magazines and maybe still do advertising in magazines.
And, by the way, don’t sell. I believe you’ve got to just inform and educate your target audience about certain things.
I hope that is useful information and I look forward to talking to you next week.

Purnima Kabra