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Pendragon Straight Talk: Episode Thirty-Seven

By 9 October 2017No Comments

JOHN GLOVER: Hello and welcome to another Pendragon Straight Talk. I often get asked the question are there any age limits to Australian visas, and the answer to that is that there are age limits to most. Not a lot of people realise this, and so I just thought I would let you know the basic visas and the basic age limits because they’re quite interesting.
We’ll look at the 457, or Temporary Skill Shortage visa, the Working Holiday visa, the 417 and 462, the 400 Short Stay Business visa and the Skilled Independent 189 Points visa and the Employee Nomination Direct Entry Temporary Resident Scheme.
The first one we’re looking at is the 417/462 Working Holiday Visa. There is an age limit here, you must be over 18 and under 31, so 18 to 30 basically, but they are looking at changing that in the future to 18 to 35, so watch that space, that will be interesting.
The 400 Short Term Business visa, there is no age limit at all on that one at the moment, so that one you can come in at any age, but only for three months to six months maximum at a time.
Now the popular 457, or Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa. This visa has had a lot of changes recently, but there hasn’t been an age limit added to it, but watch this space come March 2018. Now why do I say this? Because the following visas I’m going to talk about have age limits.
So, Permanent Residency through the Skilled Independent, which is the points test, you have to be under 45 when you receive your invitation to apply. For instance, if you were 44 when you sent your expression of interest in to get permanent residency under the Permanent Residency Skilled Independent Visa, if you turn 45 during the period and then they request for you to apply, you will not be able to apply because you will have turned 45. So that’s a biggie, Permanent Residency, 45.
The Employee Nomination Scheme, this is where a company looks to sponsor you directly for Permanent Residency, so the company becomes your sponsor. There are two types to this, there is the Direct Entry and for the Direct Entry means you can be bought straight in from overseas. You need to be under the age of 45 again, however they are mentioning that there may be limited circumstances where this age restriction may be waived, this is another one to follow, but basically, you’ve got to be under 45.
The Temporary Resident Transition Scheme under this visa is for workers who have worked in the same occupation with their nominated employer for at least two years on the current 457 visa. Under the new TSS visa it will be three years you have to work. From now up until March 2018, you have to be under 50 to apply. From March 2018 onwards, you have to be under 45. Notice the 45 year trend, so they are saying people under 45 won’t be able to get Permanent Residency. Hence the reason for my first comment around the 457/TSS visa, even though there is no age limit, technically there is because you have to be under 42 to apply if you want to then proceed to try and get Permanent Residency, because you’ve got to get your Permanent Residency in before you turn 45.
I hope that makes sense to you and I hope you understand a little bit more about the age limits and I look forward to talking to you next week.

Purnima Kabra