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Pendragon’s predictions on New World of Work are here now!

By 12 November 2021December 3rd, 2021No Comments

Originally, the New World of Work was developed to provide advice on how to prepare for those days of the future which are now part of the present due to Covid-19. Regardless of being an employee, employer or in between jobs, you can benefit by reading this short book as it details everything, we think about the current work environment and how to strive in the new scenario.

John Glover, Managing Director of Pendragon, remembers the day the book was launched in 2016 at the Tesla showroom in Sydney. 

“The future is here now… are you ready? Have you ever thought about what the working world was like just 50 years ago? You almost want to time-travel to go back and tell them all about the technology and ideas that have shaped the world in the time since. It’s the hindsight that really helps us to understand the New World of Work” states John.

The event included the lecture of one of the most decorated Australian Paralympians Ellie Cole who talked about robotic legs amongst other things. Additionally, the futurist Craig Rispin made an exciting presentation about the wonderful transformations not only in technology, but also in the way of thinking during the last years. You can watch video highlights of the event on our YouTube channel here:

The New World of Work offers the exciting premise that you can work anywhere, deliver your service from any part of the world, as long as you have the structure required and take care of the details in the background. Pendragon has a lot of experience of such situations involving different countries and services.

John believes “The New World of Work will work for you by giving you an alternative employment arrangement but still staying within the law of the land. In fact, it could effectively produce a situation that increases the individual’s take home pay – they feel they are being better looked after by you and you are offering them a chance to play with their own financial destiny within your organisation. This is how loyalty will be built, ”

To learn more about Pendragon’s ‘New World of Work’ download the e-Book today by clicking this link:

To see our Youtube video on this topic click this link:

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