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Pendragon’s Straight Talk: Episode Two

By 30 January 2017No Comments


JOHN GLOVER: Hello, welcome to Pendragon’s Straight Talk. First of all, Happy Australia Day.

Now the question today is a little bit different, its why or when should I look at outsourcing.

First thing you’ve got to look at is, you can’t do everything yourself, you literally can’t, it’s impossible, so don’t think you have to do everything yourself, whether you run your own business or you’re in a company in an area where you have to do it yourself.

I think you have to think of your value – what is your value? So, if you take your salary, and you multiply that by three times, and then you divide that by 220 days as that’s really the only days that you will be working and then you divide that by 8 that will give you an hourly rate for your value of your time. Therefore, if someone else can be given that job, that may be more skilful, or may just want to do it more than you do and its cheaper than your hourly cost that surely would be a no brainer to outsource.

I think what you’ve got to think of is you’ve got to outsource what you don’t want to do, or look at outsourcing what you don’t want to do or what you can do but it’s going to take you time or you don’t like it.

You’ve got to also think of, you can’t wear all the hats, it’s like an accountant can’t really wear a marketing hat and a marketeer would struggle to wear and accounting hat. And this gives you time, what you want to do is give yourself time to do what you do well and in a way that doesn’t waste your time or money.

So basically, you can look at home as well. Think of home, and say to yourself, okay, even at the weekends, do I like cutting the lawn, do I like doing the ironing, or should I get someone else to do that for me, should I outsource it to give myself time to either spend with my family or to go and do what I want to do – sit by a beach, read a book – that’s outsourcing as well, so don’t underestimate where you can outsource to make your life easier.

Don’t fear outsourcing. It will make your life easier and really outsource what you don’t want to do and outsource what you don’t like doing.

Thanks for listening, see you next time,

Purnima Kabra