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R U OK is an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation, founded by advertiser Gavin Larkin in 2009. It revolves around the slogan “R U OK?” (Are you okay), and advocates people to have conversations with others. The organisation has a dedicated R U OK? Day, held annually on the second Thursday of September, which brings light to people with emotional insecurity and encourages others to regularly connect with them.

R U OK? works collaboratively with experts in suicide prevention and mental illness, as well as government departments, corporate leaders, teachers, students, universities and community groups. It’s activities also align with the Australian Government’s LIFE Framework.

This year in the build-up to R U OK?Day, they are encouraging everyone to Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut & Ask R U OK? and start regular meaningful conversations throughout their communities when its needed.

For more information on how to get involved click here..


Purnima Kabra