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Self-Isolation…!? Our Pets Will Save Us…

By 24 March 2020No Comments

With the current situation going on, most of us are self-isolated with some actually working remotely, we all need a little bit of happiness and a companionship at the moment, and those fortunate enough to have pets have a clear way to escape from loneliness.

National Pet Month is back and this time even better than ever, attracting thousands of animal lovers to celebrate the value of pet ownership. It brings together animal welfare charities, professional bodies, businesses and schools to promote good pet ownership, raise funds for good cause and have fun.

We would love to shout about the rewards and benefits of owning a pet whilst encouraging responsibility, increasing awareness of pet care specialists, and promoting the value of assistance and companion animals.

So why not dedicate this month to our pets as appreciation and celebrate the benefits that they bring to our lives and vice versa.

To know more about such charities, visit here.

Let us know how are your pets helping you through these unusual; to say the least times… perhaps send us a picture of your pet(s) at [email protected]  and show us how are they helping you cope…! 🙂

Purnima Kabra