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Will Australia need skills in their droves once the borders are open…?

By March 29, 2021No Comments


Australian population has fallen by 4,200 people last year… for the first time in 100 years… Does this mean when the borders open there will be a need for an influx of international qualified people?

Net overseas migration took about a decade to recover after the recession of the early 1990s.

In the three months to September last year, 55,400 people left Australia, while 20,600 arrived – turning net overseas migration negative by 34,800.

We usually expand the population by approximately 260,000 per year, so in fact it’s a drop of 264,200 from last year!

For a country that typically relies on migration for two-thirds of its population growth, the closed border is going to have a lasting effect…

For instance; if there are no backpackers or migrant workers to pick fruit, the cost to get that item from the farm to the store increases and consumers pay more for it…

Moreover, industries are looking at infrastructure projects to help the economy to recover in the next two to three years, and without being able to bring the number of skilled engineers required into Australia, it is going to be very difficult to find people with the skill sets in the country to start the projects.

The latest population data confirms what we already know — immigration has stalled.

What wasn’t clear until now is that Australia’s population has actually shrunk.

Therefore, as soon as the border is completely reopened, then there will be a rush to obtain skilled migrants back into the country… what’s your thoughts?

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Source: ABC News

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