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New World of Work

Is your workplace risking extinction?

By 21 May 2018No Comments

The new world of work is no longer just a myth or a misty prediction into what work might look like. The future that has been predicted for so long is well and truly here, no longer an abstract idea. Despite this fact, too many workplaces and individuals alike are refusing to accept the changes, wanting to keep things the way they’ve always been.


Have you ever tried to quit Facebook or did you join the platform after everyone else? If so, you know what it’s like to be out of the loop – everyone else moves and grows as the platform changes and advances, while you’re left behind, struggling to keep up and stay informed.


Employers always want their employees to be flexible and willing to adapt to any new and exciting opportunities and challenges that come their way so it makes sense that employees would want the exact same characteristics in any workplaces that they join.


Why does being adaptable matter for employees?


Put simply, not being willing to adapt means that you will naturally gravitate towards companies that are stagnant and less willing to embrace the changes that are happening around them in the world of work. Once you’re in the cycle of being in workplaces that are not readily adapting to this new world of work, it can only affect you negatively as you are unlikely to become an individual who welcomes change. Breaking out of that cycle is the only way to make sure that you become an employee ready to dive head first into the world of work.


What about employers?


As an employer, you are in a unique position to create an environment where change is not only accepted but it is celebrated and treated as a great opportunity to grow knowledge and learn new skills. If you don’t adapt, you simply will not attract the employees who are going to drive your company towards success in the new world of work.


Providing opportunities in your organisation for employees to pursue flexible hours, flexible working locations as well as the opportunity for using new technologies to transform the processes and systems within your business will ensure that everyone is getting a chance to grow their own set of skills while simultaneously keeping your organisation moving forward.


Are you still hesitant to start embracing all the changes that the new world of work brings? It can be daunting at first but if you’re not ready to welcome the changes, you could be running the risk of sending your organisation backwards or, perhaps even worse, into irrelevance.


Avoid becoming extinct and welcome the new world of work with open arms – your employees will thank you for the opportunity and you will see the transformational effect it has on your organisation.

Purnima Kabra