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Agency Workforce Management

Everything agencies need in a Contingent Management Solution

Team up with Pendragon to handle contractor management administration and compliance. Let our specialists take care of contractor onboarding, payroll, and compliance, freeing you to source top talent with confidence.

Talent Pool

Diversify your talent pool and cater to a broader range of client needs.

Client Retention

We specialise in contractor engagement and compliance, safeguarding your brand reputation.

Workforce Flexibility

Offer your clients scalable workforce solutions based on your changing needs.

Faster Placement

Time is of the essence in the recruitment industry. Offer your clients faster placements.


Pendragon’s Contractor Management Services:

Pendragon extends far beyond Employer of Record (EOR) and payroll services. We offer a comprehensive suite, enhancing your contingent management with Payroll Financing and End Client Invoicing. All of this is encapsulated within our dedicated Customer Experience Program, so that you can thrive in an all-encompassing ecosystem.

Assessing Great Talent, Enhancing Efficiency, and Guaranteeing Compliance

Pendragon is more than just your back office support; we’re your partner in contractor engagement. Serving as the trusted “employer of record,” we manage all legal and administrative responsibilities. Our tailored approach ensures that we meet each of your end-client’s specific needs, from contracts and onboarding to payroll, tax compliance, insurance, and local labor laws.

Experience enhanced efficiency with access to our contractor technology and experienced account management team, which fosters transparency throughout the process. At Pendragon, we handle the intricacies of contractor engagement, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional talent to your clients.

How do you benefit:

  • Compliant engagement of PAYG, Pty Ltd, ABN
  • One provider to facilitate engagement of all white- and blue-collar professionals and overseas engagements
  • Business insurances coverage
  • Accurate payroll and invoicing
  • Customer experience program

Boost talent and end-client satisfaction with shortened pay cycles

Payroll financing acts as a bridge, connecting your workforce’s dedication with prompt compensation. This not only benefits your talent but also provides your end clients with an effective retention tool.

Operating a recruitment agency presents distinctive challenges, with cash flow management as a top priority. That’s where payroll financing steps in to transform the way you operate.

Our Payroll Financing Services are designed for agencies seeking extended payment terms, granting you the extra time needed to collect funds from your clients. It’s a win-win solution for all parties involved, ensuring a smoother, more efficient recruitment process.

How do you benefit:

  • Customised funding and payment terms to suit your requirements
  • Improved contractor satisfaction, with guaranteed payment dates
  • Takes pressure off your cash flow
  • Allow time for you to receive funds from your clients before paying your invoice

Remove the distraction of invoicing your end-clients, and let us manage the end-to-end process.

As an extension of our contractor engagement model, we can facilitate your end-client invoicing process. We meticulously generate all invoices under your trusted brand and manage distribution, fund collection and reconciliation, streamlining the end-to-end process.

Our flexible model can be tailored to suit your requirements, making it easier than ever to elevate your service offerings.

How you will benefit:

  • Decreased dependence on in-house invoicing staff, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Enhanced cash flow with proactive management of timely invoicing and fund collection.
  • Streamlined operations, allowing your business to concentrate on its core activities.
  • Cultivate a professional image through branded invoice generation.

Pendragon’s Contractor Management Services:



We tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring a smooth contractor experience. From SLA agreements to optimised workflows, we're your trusted partner for a successful contractor management transformation.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Effortlessly handle legal and administrative procedures for contractor engagement, from contract creation to onboarding paperwork and documentation. Plus, we collaborate with your team to ensure seamless contract extensions and off-boarding processes.

Invoicing and Payroll

Pendragon ensures a hassle-free payroll management solution tailored to your Contractors. We can integrate with your existing system to manage time and invoicing or contractors can utilise our in-house timing solution.

Customer Account Management

With a dedicated team by your side, we ensure seamless communication, proactive solutions, and a deep understanding of your unique goals. From swift issue resolution to personalised guidance, we're committed to building strong, lasting relationships.

Reporting Requirements

Customised during implementation, our versatile reporting suite ensures your data is presented exactly the way you want, offering insights and analytics that drive informed decision-making. Elevate your reporting experience with our customer-centric approach

Total Compliance Assurance

We are a reputable and experienced service provider that understands the dynamic Australian legal and regulatory landscape and can ensure a smooth and compliant engagement process for contingent workers.

Our Technology

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Effortless Onboarding

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to streamlined onboarding. Our portal allows your talent to effortlessly onboard, ensuring all necessary documentation and compliance requirements are met.

Time and Attendance

Our solution offers a robust time and attendance system that enables you to review and approve work hours and expenses. Say farewell to manual timesheets and embrace the accuracy and efficiency of our automated solution.

Pay Advice

We provide detailed payment information, making it easy for contractors to review earnings, deductions, and tax information. No more guessing or waiting for payment details – it’s all at their fingertips.

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