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Workforce BPO Services

Need to payroll and invoice for your consultant’s time but don’t have the resources?

At Pendragon, we understand that your time and resources are invaluable. That’s why we offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions to streamline your business processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

Accuracy and Compliance

Ensure precise financial operations while staying compliant.

Time Efficiency

Free up time for core activities, focusing on growth and innovation.

Cost Savings

Reduce expenses with less reliance on in-house staff and specialised software.

Improved Cash Flow

Faster payments, boosting financial stability and cash flow.


Pendragon’s Outsourced Payroll and Invoicing Services:

Don’t require employer of record services but need help streamlining your payment processes? Choose from Outsourced Payroll, Outsourced Invoicing, or Both – tailored to your needs.

Simplify Payroll Management with Our Expert Services

Our Outsourced Payroll service can be tailor-made just for you, we cover;

Payroll processing;

  • Calculating salaries, hourly wages, deductions, and any additional payments, such as bonuses and benefits.
  • Payment distribution and Customer branded payslips
  • Tax calculation and withholding
  • Superannuation and KiwiSaver employee contributions

Record keeping;

  • Maintain employee data such as personal information, bank details, and tax file number declarations.
  • Auditing requirements
  • Customer and Government reporting requirements

How do you benefit:

  • Cost Savings: Reduce personnel and software costs.
  • Time Efficiency: Free up HR and finance teams’ valuable time.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay updated with evolving government regulations.
  • Expertise: Benefit from expert knowledge of the latest payroll regulations.
  • Customisable Workflows: Tailor our services to your unique needs.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Enjoy a lighter workload and greater focus on core business activities.
  • Rock-Solid Payroll Tech: Our robust payroll technology excels in data security checks.

Streamline your consulting services with our end-client invoicing

Whether or not Pendragon serves as the Employer of Record for your contractors, we offer comprehensive end-client invoicing services under your own brand.

Our services encompass all aspects of invoicing, including the creation of professional invoices, meticulous payment tracking, and efficient accounts receivable management.

Our dedicated team guarantees precision, compliance, and timely client communication, empowering you to concentrate on the growth of your business.


How do you benefit:

  • Enhanced Cash Flow: Streamlined processes from fund collection to contractor payments.
  • Time Efficiency: Liberate your HR and finance teams for more productive tasks.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay up-to-date with the latest payroll regulations.
  • Expertise: Benefit from informed payroll regulations expertise.
  • Customisable Workflows: Tailor workflows to your specific needs.
  • Reduced Administrative Load: Lighten your administrative burden.
  • Brand enhancement: Maintain a professional image through branded invoice generation.

Pendragon’s Outsourced Payroll and Invoicing Services:



We begin by learning about your business, its unique requirements, and the specific processes you want to outsource. This in-depth consultation helps us tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

Service Customisation

Based on our discussions, we will design a customised outsourcing plan. This plan outlines the scope of work, timelines, and the specific processes we'll manage on your behalf.

Implementation and Integration

We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth handover process. This may involve integrating our systems with yours, providing training, building client branding templates and establishing communication protocols.

Service Execution

Our team take over the designated processes. In payroll management, we ensure that worker salaries are processed accurately and on time, including tax calculations, superannuation, and compliance with labour laws. For invoicing, we follow the customised invoice distribution and debtor collection processes.

Reporting Requirements

Scoped at the discovery stage, we provide your team regular reports and updates on the managed processes, giving you insights into the performance and compliance of the outsourced functions.

Customer support and improvement

Our customer support team remains available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a seamless experience. With your feedback, continuously refine our processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Our Technology

Check Out Our Features

Effortless Onboarding

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to streamlined onboarding. Our portal allows your talent to effortlessly onboard, ensuring all necessary documentation and compliance requirements are met.

Time and Attendance

Our solution offers a robust time and attendance system that enables you to review and approve work hours and expenses. Say farewell to manual timesheets and embrace the accuracy and efficiency of our automated solution.

Pay Advice

We provide detailed payment information, making it easy for contractors to review earnings, deductions, and tax information. No more guessing or waiting for payment details – it’s all at their fingertips.

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