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Australia is Struggling To Find Qualified Candidates? Did you know our borders are now open for International workers!

By 25 April 2022No Comments

What are you waiting for..? As our borders are now open for Students, Working Holiday visa holders and TSS/482 skilled workers… it’s time to look at Australia for your next workplace.

Australian companies need international talent to fill these positions to help fill the country’s employment skills shortage and get Australia’s economy back on track…

Whether it be on the farms, in hospitality, or small business to big corporates, you can now apply for the roles required within all industries….

Restrictions have been eased for Student and Working Holiday visa holders.

  • Students no longer have any restriction to working hours; they can work as many hours a week as companies require them as long as they are paid as per the Australian fair work act.
  • Working holiday visa holders can now work for more than 6 months at a company with no restrictions; and you can work for the same employer for the entire length of the visa you hold.

If you are a skilled international worker and looking for more of a long term move to Australia, then you should consider the TSS/482 visa. The key points for TSS/482 visa for individuals to be sponsored are;

  • You hold a relevant degree or higher qualification in the skill you want to be employed of sponsored under.
  • Plus, you need to have two full-time years’ experience within the last five years within that skillset.
  • Your occupation must be on the government’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Please note there are two lists the 4-year list, which leads to permanent residency and the 2-year list that does not automatically lead to Permanent residency unless you are employed and living in rural Australia…
  • You are also required to be Double Vaccinated to be eligible

The government and the immigration department are changing the rules on a daily basis to try to assist with the workforce shortage, both skilled and non-skilled. Keeping up with what the latest rules are can be daunting. At Pendragon Management we receive daily updates as to what’s being changed and what might be changing in the future, we are the visa and contract management experts.

To recap, the borders are now open for companies to offer roles and bring in international workers to fill much needed positions within Australia…

If you want to know the latest visa updates, receive a free assessment of your visa options or are looking at the best visa to come into Australia on, Student, Working holiday, TSS work visa, or other..?

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us… 02 9407 8700 or contact [email protected] or make an appointment to speak with one of our Australian team to make your life easier when looking to be employed in Australia…

Disclaimer: The above is the current information as per the government website, we strongly recommend you get professional advice, from a migration agent or migration lawyer, regarding the above information to get the up-to-date information. 

Pendragon Team