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Australia thinks you are… Still Young at 35… but Too Old at 45… What???

By 19 November 2018No Comments

Australian immigration department has increased the working holiday age up to 35 years old for some countries and will add more countries soon… They say it’s for the farmers to get the required staff to get the crops in… They will also be handing out 3-year working holiday visas if you do 6 months farm work, so you could technically be aged 35 get the working holiday visa and it expires when you are 38. However in their wisdom last year they reduce the age that a skilled person could apply for permanent residency from 50 to 45 years old. So if you are 45 or over, you are too old to stay… Go figure, you are still seen in your youth phase at 35-38 but too old at 45 for Australia to need or want you?
The new working holiday 462 and 417 visa rules were announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison during his visit with the farmers in the eastern state of Queensland. The announcement was made before the upcoming elections in May 2019… link to;

I don’t know what they are up to, or more to the point why… with the retirement age moving further and further north I think it is 67 at the moment here in OZ, then 45 is very young…

Look around you and see how many 45-year-old people and upwards are working with you and have the knowledge gained through age to add massive value back into Australia…

If anyone out there knows where the logic lies in this for the future of this great country please let me know I would love to hear from you… and if any of the politicians would like to let us know as to Why 35 is young and 45 is old???? Please do not hesitate to enlighten us… In fact, most of the politicians are older than 45.. Interesting!!!


Purnima Kabra