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Combating Plastic Pollution

‘On your watch, turtles are dying. Plastic bags kill turtles. They think they are jelly fish and eat them… The plastic bags fill up their stomach and act like a buoyancy tank and as a result they are unable to dive. They not only can’t get food, they actually cook in the sun, on top of the water. Plastic bags kill turtles. Save the turtles, say no to plastic bags.’ – John Glover


Pendragon’s CEO John Glover has always been dedicated to protecting our environment and all the creatures that live in it, which is why Pendragon proudly supports local charity Animal Works, an Australian not-for-profit that works with partners around the world to conserve wildlife.

This dedication to the environment is also why John was so pleased with the recent announcement out of the United Kingdom that more than forty major businesses have pledged to eradicate single-use plastics from packaging in an effort to tackle to the global pollution crisis.

The launch of the UK Plastics Pact is in response to the concerns over the impact of plastic and other waste on the environment, as it infiltrates the world’s land, oceans and waterways, including the impact it has on the creatures that inhabit these ecosystems, such as the turtles who eat the plastic bags.

The UK Plastics Pact was welcomed by both government ministers and environment campaigners, with participants to the pact from major food and non-food brands – including Coca-Cola, Nestle and Sainsbury’s – aiming to hit targets to eventually completely eliminate problematic or unnecessary single use plastic packaging by developing new designs and alternative delivery methods. Other targets include all plastic packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable, and ensuring that at least 70% of packaging actually makes it to the recycling or composting facilities and a commitment to ensure that 30% of all plastic packaging comes from recycled sourced by 2025.

In Australia, recent corporate decisions by Coles and Woolworths will see single use plastic bags phased out of supermarkets, as well as decisions from all states except New South Wales to initiate bans on all single use plastic bags.


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