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Contingent Talent – Is It The Future…???

By 16 August 2023No Comments

An increase in highly skilled, contingent workforce has been driven by a complex combination of changing employer and worker attitudes and the rapid advancement of technology, led by developments in highly-advanced freelance management and marketplace platforms. With contract workers increasingly making up a larger part of the Australian workforce, it is important to tap into this trend and learn how to best use this talent pool for maximum business growth. As companies alter their thinking to answer the ‘How does work get done?’ question, one key statement is clear: We live in a New World of Work.

What makes Contract Workers so valuable?

Complex work projects: Contingent talent offer companies with solutions for complex projects which arise unexpectedly and may be required immediate execution. Their flexible nature and constant mobility typically mean that they have a solid understanding of the changing needs and demands of the market and how to meet them which could be an advantage over the competition.

Technology: Freelancing requires software like intelligent matching capabilities, effective data-management practices, mechanized processes for compliance and government related matters and the capability to interact with various workplace management systems. Improvements and upgradations in the technology makes it possible for the companies to access the right talent at the right time.

Innovation: A company cannot achieve success unless and until it has the talent of what it needs. For this, procuring the skilled shortage workers who are specialists in their respected field widens the chance of having a positive impact on the company culture. As more companies use technology to leverage the contingent workforce and attract skilled staff for complex projects, another value-add will present itself; increased innovation and collaboration via the cross-flow of ideas.

The changing mindset: With Millennials and Gen-Tech replacing individuals in the workplace and rapid technology advancements taking place simultaneously, companies are now shifting their focus on approaching to the contingent talent at the workplace. The 9-5 office-based surrounding is no longer essential and to the younger generations, not that desirable. This is because of the cloud-based technologies which lets the team members to join forces and contribute their work from anywhere in the world to suit their calendars. This is one of the major factors in contributing to the gig economy – where professionals opt for temporary projects that benefits them and provide a better work-life balance.

A rise in demand: As an increase in the non-employee workforce each and every day, it is important to strategically plan how to place these professionals into your talent pipeline, as it is likely that your competitors are doing the same. The growing workforce mirrors the rising demand and many managers are aware of the value that they bring and are seeking them out over permanent talent.

Why Contingent Talent Would Be Beneficial For Your Business???

The freelance economy is expanding and the path to the future is flagged with agile talent that can be aligned for the growing needs of the market. Having a contingent workforce would not only help you with its flexible nature but also help your business by bringing in new strategies, fresh perspectives and up-to-date skills. Having mentioned earlier, a contingent workforce enables you to gain access to the highly skilled and tach savvy professionals who have proved themselves in the past and would have new perceptions with dealing in different situations. Contractors can be more cost-effective as you would be paying for the special skills only when required.

As the New World Of Work continues to evolve it is important for your business to adapt to the new and dynamic workforce planning. There is now a greater emphasis on flexible yet meaningful roles and work-life balance from the top professionals. It is usually these contractors that you need, to lead projects and lets you focus more on your core business and take it to the next step.

If you are looking for a better way to engage in the Contingent Workforce, please feel free to discuss your ideas, thoughts, challenges with us. Pendragon can help you run your business more efficiently, saving you time and money. 

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