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Contractor Management

Contractors/Freelancers… Get Instant Relief From Your Day-To-Day Administrative Hassles…

By 29 July 2021August 2nd, 2021No Comments

Maximise your contract income – Get more money, more free time and total peace of mind…

Contracting/ Freelancing comes with many key benefits: flexible working hours, higher pay rates, choosing when and where to work, when to take holidays, and more…

However, contracting/freelancing can also be an overwhelming experience if you are not compliant and do not keep up with the associated legalities and administrative hassles.

Whether you are new to contracting/freelancing or an existing independent contractor/freelancer, working with a contractor management company can help you make contracting a breeze…

Helping you get instant relief from your day-to-day administrative hassles…

Contractor management companies will eliminate the following;

  1. Cash flow problems: Salary package every single pay to increase your net income (cash flow) each pay period. Pendragon has an instant payroll service to specifically assist with cash flow.
  2. ABN Burdens: You do not have to run your own ABN, which eliminates the associated workload and hassles and reporting compliance.
  3. Sole trader/ Director Liabilities:  As above, there is no need to run your own ABN, so you have no Sole trader/Director liabilities.
  4. Accountant fees: We will organise and pay for an independent tax accountant to complete your tax return each year. This means… FREE end of year tax lodgements for you…
  5. Raising invoices: We will raise all your invoices, giving you more time to focus on your core skills and offerings.
  6. Chasing outstanding invoices: Get rid of chasing all your invoices (debt collecting). Giving you more free time to enjoy your weekends with your friends and loved ones.
  7. Multiple contracts:  We manage and run your multiple contracts efficiently for you. So you do not have to worry about setting up new contracts or renewing existing ones.
  8. Insurance:  We cover you with full insurance, workers compensation and professional indemnity.

So what are you waiting for… get all the perks of contracting without the associated legalities and administrative hassles. We are one of Australia’s leading contractor management companies… talk to us today on 02 9407 8700, book an appointment or reach us at [email protected]

Pendragon Team