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Crying for a Future

By 4 September 2018No Comments

Many of the 120 iconic creatures featured in this artwork are on the endangered species list…

Would you like to help stop them crying and secure their future?

Well you can – through the purchase of art.

At Pendragon we take the support of wildlife conservation very seriously and so we have teamed up with the Sydney based charity Animal Works, a not-for-profit set up by world-renowned artist Nafisa, who raises funds through the sale of her art to support wildlife conservation.

Available for the first time to the general public, Nafisa has released her magnificent piece “Crying For a Future” (pictured above) on Amazon, in aid of these endangered animals, plus several other signed prints of her amazing artwork, that centre around endangered species. 10% of the purchase price for each piece sold will go straight to Animal Works so Nafisa, and her team (Sarah Menzies and Imogen Taylor) who have helped projects globally, can continue to keep these iconic animals off the extinction list.

All the funds raised will go directly to paying for physical resources, such as milk for new-born orphaned elephant and rhino calves, anti-poaching gear, camera traps and veterinary supplies. None of the funds raised will be used for ‘grey’ costs such as wages, admin or marketing fees.

So you get a magnificent work of art from a world-renowned artist and help save endangered animals at the same time…It’s a win win for both you and the animals…

As a thank you for supporting wildlife conservation, Pendragon has organised with Nafisa for you to receive a 10% discount off the purchase of any of her fine art prints on Amazon…

Or if you so wish, you can choose to donate 9% of your 10% discount to the Animal Works charity, making a whopping 19% going to wildlife conservation. Either way by purchasing one or more of her amazing prints you will be raising the much needed funds required to save these iconic animals. Please add in this code PMAW2018 to get your 10% discount or if you are feeling generous please use this code PMAW1819  to get the whopping 19% sent to the charity.

Please take a look at some of her amazing artwork and purchase some for the good of the animals.

Don’t delay purchase a print today… save an endangered animal tomorrow!

Purnima Kabra