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Contractor Management

The Future of the Global Workforce

By 18 May 2016No Comments

pendragon_key_staff_john_gloverDear Friends

I thought I would provide you with an update on an exciting ‘White Paper’ that I am currently working on about the ‘New World of Work’. From my research and experience, its really interesting to see how employment and how people are employed has changed and will be changing even more in the near future…

Workplaces are becoming more diverse, Human capital is moving across borders and workers are picking up new skills in a time of intense change. Businesses need to start thinking about workforce issues on a global scale, and deciding how they are going to deal with the sea change that awaits. How will people be employed/remunerated in the not too distant future?

If there is anything of particular interest to you regarding the future of employment that you have any comments or thoughts on, please contact us at [email protected] with your thoughts/comments as I would love to incorporate different view points into this White Paper relevant across all industries.

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Purnima Kabra