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Holiday Season in Oz!

By 17 December 2015No Comments

Great Barrier Reef

Where are you headed for your next break?

As the holiday season warms up in the southern hemisphere, the business sphere in Australia relaxes a little and minds wander to holiday plans.

For those of you who don’t live Down-under, this may seem a bit odd, but plenty of northern hemisphere dwellers escape the cold climates and short days for the sun and sand.

Recently Sir David Attenborough did exactly that, with a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The esteemed naturalist and broadcaster recently spent some time in this glorious region to film a new documentary on the Reef more than 5 decades after his last escapade in this area. Attenborough spent approximately three weeks on the Reef combining the use of the latest filming techniques, science and cutting edge research.

The team filmed across the Ribbon Reef, Osprey Reef as well as Lady Elliot, Magnetic and Heron Islands, amongst others. The three-part series produced by BAFTA award-winning Atlantic Productions – ‘Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough’ will be broadcast across the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia. According to a report on Tourism Australia, (link at the end of the article) there was a première in London, at Australia House, packed with celebrities, royalty and media.

More than 200 guests attended the invite-only event, including his Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Amongst other guests making their entrance along a VIP ‘sand carpet’ specially created for the evening were Helena Bonham Carter, Heston Blumenthal and Barry Humphries. The special screening was jointly hosted by the Australian High Commission and Tourism Australia, and included a special appearance as well as Q and A session by the film’s presenter and renowned naturalist David Attenborough.

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