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Hong Kong Citizens… Australia Welcomes You…

By 15 July 2020No Comments

Australia to offer a pathway of Permanent Residency to thousands of Hong Kong citizens…

You may have heard the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcement that the government will be adjusting its immigration policy to enable Hong Kong citizens who are currently in Australia either on a student, temporary skill shortage or a temporary graduate visa. This will give them the opportunity to have their visas extended by five years after which they may be eligible for permanent residency.

What does this mean for Hong Kong citizens?

If you are a future or current student in Australia, you will be able to stay for a total of five years after your graduation along with a possible pathway to permanent residency after the completion of those five years. However, this pathway may be via the TSS 482 visa route and then onto PR via  Employee Nomination Route.
Likewise, it seems to suggest that if you are a current temporary work visa holder, you will get an extension of five years on your existing visa, in addition to the time you have already been in Australia; and not to forget, again with a possible pathway to permanent residency at the end of those five years.

For those not in the country currently, if in the future you are seeking to apply for a temporary work visa you will be granted a five-year visa with a possible pathway to permanent residency – provided you meet the updated skills list and appropriate labour market testing requirements.

However, it is not clear yet if the government will be looking to make this visa available to the citizens of other countries; or it will only apply to Hong Kong citizens.

If you are unsure what this may mean for you now or in the future, also while we are all waiting for the formal legislation to pass and the policy to be implemented; why not check out your individual visa options via a registered migration agent and talk to us for a free assessment for all your current and possible visa options.

Purnima Kabra