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Jamie Oliver’s jeans raise some much needed funds for the Children’s Medical Research Institute

By 4 September 2014No Comments

A week ago the Pendragon team attended the 21st Jeans for Genes Gala Dinner & Art Auction. The New York themed event turned out to be a great success for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), and on the night they raised over $230,000.00.


The image shown below is of the 3D Jamie Oliver artwork, painted by Hugh Oliveiro, which incorporates his signed jeans. Pendragon have shown their support for the CMRI for a number of years, and on the night the Jamie Oliver artwork was auctioned and won by John Glover and the Pendragon team. The artwork is named ‘Life is a Bowl of Cherries’; the money raised from this auction item is said to provide 1 year scholarship for a PhD student, a PCR machine for amplifying and analysing DNA, or about 3 months of lab supplies for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.


Jamie Oliver resized



More information about the artwork:
LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES; Jamie brings to the table an explosion of joy. The symbolism for the portrait starts with the bowl of cherries which is an expression celebrating the joy of life…  A song and an obvious food metaphor. There are various elements in the frame that work around this central motif that also encapsulates the actual jeans. The Bowl is a symbol of plenty. The lace white cloth represents presentation. The blue birds of happiness hint at the china willow pattern but also symbolise his adventurous spirit. A green panel on the right is a symbol for Jamie’s concern about healthy food and the environment. Pink earth on the left is a light vestige of an Australian connection. Finally his portrait as the radiant sun encompasses all of these elements, an essential ingredient for growth and life.


More information about the artist:
Hugh Oliverio is an internationally known artist who has enjoyed working in a plethora of mediums, over the years. His recent retrospective exhibition at the Tamworth Regional Gallery displayed a diverse range of style and technique, with works spanning 40 years of his career. Hugh is a great believer that Art and Design in the 21st century is more integrated than ever before. It is documented that his strength is his adaptability and agility at seeing how to apply his sensual style and imagery, use of colour and design sense to many fields and formats… Here we see it in the concept of Jamie Olivers Jeans, “LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES”.


Purnima Kabra